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Not every Startup is an adventure with a happy ending. After many months of hard work, we decided to stop the project. 

The whole team appreciate the time we spend on Gravity Escape. We want to thank all our supporters, especially the team of UnternehmerTUM and Dessaut Systems, for their great support during this time.

Best wishes, 

The Team of Gravity Escape

Gravity Escape

Your partner from test to launch


The Escape Pad

The smart way to test and launch your rocket


Get more efficient

The inclination change is one of the most fuel-consuming manoeuvres. Increase your overall efficiency and launch your rocket the smart way.


Our Escape Pad can be placed on every latitude on the ocean. Avoid the inclination change manoeuvre and launch with Gravity Escape. 

Get faster

Instead of sending your rocket across half around the planet, to reach the launch site, use the most advanced infrastructures for transport. The great oversea harbours. Gravity Escape will organize the complete logistic. From your production facility to the final launch latitude.

Get your test site

Do you have problems to find a proper test site for your rocket? With the Escape Pad you get a safe and reliable testing site on demand. No problems with local authorities or grumpy neighbours. Gravity Escape will take care of all permits, so you can focus on testing your systems.


Our Capabilities


up to 120,000 kg

Launch latitude

0° - 90°

Launches per year


Your benefits on one glance


-26% △v

By launching your rocket from the Escape Pad, you can avoid the inclination change manoeuvre, and reduce your △v - costs. Be a step ahead with Gravity Escape.


Gravity Escape will support you with End-2-End launch support. Which includes the complete logistic from your production facility to the final launch latitude on the ocean.


Instead of wasting your resources on operating and maintaining a launch site, pay only when you need one. Reduce your OPEX with the on-demand service from Gravity Escape.


Finding the right Test Site for your rocket could be quiet a hassle. Not too far away,  enough unsettled space around and so on. With Gravity Escape, you will get your test site when you need it.


Our partners


Our Partners for Design and Simulation Software.


We are proud to be selected for the Entrepreneur Programm from Solidworks. 


WE CARE 4 Space


The Mission

Space Debris is a major threat to the future of human space flight and our society at all. We all together have to act, to solve this issue.

What we do

What you can do

We want to encourage all of our customers to support also this mission with a free ride for space debris removal or mitigation payloads.  

Let's join forces!

Gravity Escape will offer a free launch once a year for all launchers with a payload for space debris removal or mitigation.


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